The Communities Welfare Network (CowNet) has been a beacon of hope for disadvantaged people from minority communities in London since its establishment in 2003. CowNet has been instrumental in providing vital support and services to those in need as a charitable Community Organisation and a company limited by guarantee.

The organisation provides support and assistance to people who have been displaced from their country of origin. Many of these people have fled their home country due to war, political or religious beliefs, intimidation, or threats to their lives. CowNet recognizes the challenges faced by such individuals and works tirelessly to provide them with the necessary resources to rebuild their lives.

Poverty and social exclusion are critical issues that CowNet addresses. Many people from minority communities face significant challenges in accessing employment, education, and healthcare. These challenges are compounded by discrimination and prejudice, making it difficult for individuals to come out of the cycle of poverty. 

By providing a safe and supportive environment, CowNet helps users to integrate into the wider community. With a focus on migrants and refugees, CowNet has emerged as a trusted organization that strives to make a difference in people’s lives.

Another key area of action is the capacity building of the different communities we work with. The organization recognizes that building strong and resilient communities is essential to creating positive and lasting social change. With 20 years of existence and experience, the organisation has become a first point of contact for many minoritized communities. Our works have changed many lives and we will continue to do much better.

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Registered Address 49 Camberwell New Road - London SE5 0RZ

Correspondence Address 37 Chapel Street - London NW1 5DP

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Company: 05199047 / Charity: 1167437

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