The Communities Welfare Network  aims to provide a range of services and opportunities for the local community, including promoting opportunities for volunteering.  Our aim is to encourage and support people from all sections of the community who wish to volunteer in a variety of ways.  Volunteering can be on a regular basis, an occasional basis or a one-off basis. 

  • Exceptions

This Volunteering policy does not apply to the Communities Welfare Network’ s Directors in the roles as Board Members. Director’s roles and responsibilities are the subject of other policy documents and legal regulations.

This Volunteering policy does not apply to student or Job-Seeker placements as these are subject to other agreements between the  Communities Welfare Network  and educational institutions.

  • The Role of Volunteers – POLICY Statement

The Communities Welfare Network recognises the importance of the contribution that volunteers can make to our services. We aim to give all possible support to our volunteers, so that they and Communities Welfare Network will gain maximum benefit from their contributions. This policy statement sets out the ways in which we shall seek to achieve that aim and the mutual volunteering relationship.  It forms part of the volunteering agreement between the   Communities Welfare Network and its volunteers.

  • Guiding Principles

Volunteers are an important part of the life and work of the Communities Welfare Network. The work they do is not peripheral but is an essential component in our overall response to the community.

Volunteers may have a role in promoting the Communities Welfare Network  through their contacts within community.  If so, they are asked to observe the rules of confidentiality regarding any information concerning service users.

Volunteers are not a substitute for paid staff, and volunteers should never be used to replace workers except in instances of employee absence.

  • Volunteering Agreement

A written Volunteering Agreement will be discussed with each volunteer and we hope that both parties will sign it. It will include a statement of details and parameters of the role to be performed and the name of the person with whom the volunteer  will liaise, their supervisor. 

The agreement is not a contract and no relationship of employment is created.

The Communities Welfare Network  ’s Policies

We hope that all volunteers will act in accordance with the  Communities Welfare Network s Health and Safety, Equal Opportunities, Confidentiality and other relevant policies. Induction and training will be given as necessary to enable volunteers to achieve this. 

  • Recruitment

Consistent procedures for encouraging people to volunteer are in accordance with the Equal Opportunities policy. Applicants will be asked to complete a registration form, and will have an interview to assist in determining their role, support needs and future development.

References: in keeping with current legislation, Communities Welfare Network  will request appropriate personal references from volunteers, and in line with the recent Protection of Children Act 1999, disclosures will be required from staff who act in a direct or ancillary role to any services connected with children.  Also all volunteers will be requested to disclose any criminal record.

  • Induction, Training and Support

All volunteers will receive an induction with the member of staff supporting and supervising them when they start at [name of Communities Welfare Network  .  The induction will be appropriate to the circumstances of the volunteer and the role to be undertaken.  It will include an introduction to the work of the centre, the members of staff and to [name of Communities Welfare Network’s policies.

All volunteers will receive support and supervision from a member of staff, their Supervisor, the frequency dependant on the nature of their role.  The purpose of the support will be to ensure that the policy is clear about their role and tasks, to enable their supervisor to feedback on their performance and for the volunteer to express their views and development needs.

  • Expenses

Volunteers will not receive any payment for their services, but their out-of-pocket expenses necessarily incurred in the course of their work, including their travel and essential food costs, will be reimbursed as permitted by current legislation or guidelines. Their supervisor will ensure that the volunteer is informed of how to claim for expenses. Expense claims should be supported by receipts or other evidence unless there is good reason otherwise.

  • Evaluation

Communities Welfare Network  will encourage the volunteer to comment on the ways in which she/he in particular, and volunteers in general are used and involved at Communities Welfare Network

All volunteers can expect to be consulted about their experience of volunteering, to help the centre develop a continually progressive response to volunteers needs.

It is important that volunteers keep [name of   Communities Welfare Network informed of any concerns regarding their roles and responsibilities, or work or the safety of persons and the premises.

  • Notice

Volunteers are asked to give as much notice as possible of any expected inability to fulfill their normal volunteering (e.g. because of holiday or other absences). Communities Welfare Network  will similarly give as much notice as possible of occasions when a volunteer’s attendance may not be required.

Volunteers intending to withdraw their volunteer  services are asked to inform  Communities Welfare Network and to give as much warning as possible of the intended withdrawal of their services.  This will be reciprocated by [name of Communities Welfare Network

  • Complaints Procedure

Should a volunteer have any complaint in the course of their volunteering, they should bring it to the attention of their supervisor. Should the volunteer remain dissatisfied, they will have the right to present their complaint to the Centre Director as outlined in [name of Communities Welfare Network’s Complaints procedure.

  • Suspension

Should a volunteer flagrantly breach codes of conduct and policies of Communities Welfare Network   or act in such a way as to bring into disrepute the Centre Director shall have the right to immediately suspend the volunteer Agreement. The Centre Director will advise the Board. Should the volunteer seek to appeal against the Centre Director’s decision the Board shall appoint two Board Members as an Appeal Panel and invite the volunteer to attend. The decision of the Appeal Panel will be final. 

This policy was reviewed on: 13/01/2023

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